Tuesday, November 25, 2008

¡Yelapa, me encanta!

In case you were wondering, I basically live in a tree house 15 feet above the beach, with the sound of waves when I fall asleep and wake up. I check for scorpions every night, sleep in a hanging bed, and pee in a bucket. My traffic on the way to work is 4 donkeys with bags of sand strapped to their sides, and the job I´m doing to is playing with children and doing recycled art projects all day. Saturday we all painted faces on coconuts I had collected from around my house. I go to my ¨family´s¨house to eat ( often timew whatever fish my ¨brothers¨caught that day) and hang out at the beach for Siesta, and hike to the waterfall or up the ¨hill¨ behind my house (from sea level to 2180 feet) on my days off.
Yelapa is absolutely beautiful! I´m getting to the end of my time here, which is really unfortunate, because I´m starting to really ge the hang of the place and the people. But I know that it´s time to move on, and have some new adventures.

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Mom at home said...

Hey Chica! What a wonderful adventure you are having! Enjoying reading about it! All well here. Tom and I were in Mexico just before Thanksgiving. In a private villa 2 hrs north of PV. Had a blast, but not quite as rustic as your living. Andrew's loving Reed! Have fun and be safe darlin! Love you, SueSue