Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Holy cow, I just had the most amazing seafood meal!!!
Pretty much an enormous bowl packed with two crabs, a meduim fish, shrimp, conch, snails in the shell, and chunks of plantain all floating in a thick broth of coconut milk and delicious spices! It was absolutely amazing, and even sharing it with a friend we could not finish the whole bowl!

I am currently in Livingston, on the carribean coast of Guatemala where the Río Ducle flows into the ocean. The town is beautiful, colorful and has a wonderfully strong carribean flavor. I only planed to be here for two days and will end up here for nine all together, but considering the sea food, I will not be caught complaining. Yesterday I walked out to siete altares, what would be a series of seven pools fed by a small river that cascade down from on to the other. Seeing as how it is the end of dry season though, it´s really just one pool of water and no waterfalls'but beautiful nonetheless. I´ve spent most of my time so far laying in hammocs or on the beach reading, and get up once in a while to eat seafood. I may shake things up a bit in the next few days and have a coco-loco (a coconut cut open with rum poured in).

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