Monday, June 7, 2010

Food, where it comes from, how we eat it, and why we love it.

Well, a big "Welcome Back" to everyone who hasn't read the blog in a while, including myself!

Writing Worms Make Dirt during my Latin travels was almost torturous. I didn't feel like I had the knack for telling travel stories; life was far more interesting and exciting than I could portray it. And lets be honest, I wrote about food more than anything else anyway. So from now on I am staying true to myself and writing about just that: Food, where it comes from, how we eat it, and why we love it.

Each of my posts will be inspired by a favorite recipe; and fortunately for all of us, most recipes are linked to a specific memory, come with a family story, or were an unlikely success. Some entries are linked to my bake-craz-days in Bolivia, many from my current life on a farm outside of Montrose, and others from my Nana. So, with a more enthusiastic, enlightened, and hopefully mouth-watering approach, I am re-entering the world of blogging, and Worms Make Dirt.

Do, Welcome Back, and I hope you enjoy!


Papa Fox said...

Im looking forward to it!!! Papa

Papa Fox said...

Yes, welcome back!!!